Daniella Éltető : I simply love Thai boxing !!

Hello Daniela, for starters, could you introduce yourself to our readers?
I am Daniella Elteto, 21 years old and professional K1 and Muay Thai Champion. I live in Tokaj, Hungary, where I train, however I am currently a medical student at the University of Debrecen.

When did you start with martial arts?
My whole sporting career started in 2006 in primary school with handball in Tokaj. I played in a successful team, and a year later we won the gold medal at the Students’Olympics. During that time I also attended karate and Thai boxing trainings and these sports didn’t prevent me from playing handball, so later in a handball tournament in Tokaj I won the title of the Queen of the Goals. This was the moment, that defined my life and this got me more motivated than before to continue doing sports. Since that time my days are laced by martial arts, moreover it has become a lifestyle. At the moment I focus my attention only on my studies and trainings. Day by day I have trainings and I strengthen my body and my soul during these sessions. This sport educated me to bepersistent, modest and respectful. Through the numerous fights I can combat myself, besides I can triumph over the pain and fear. My long-term aim is to win as an adult professional World Champion and I would like to carry on in the professional field. I like what I do, but as far as I know I have to learn a lot and I must develop my technical knowledge. Meanwhile, I concentrate on my next fight and I would like to fulfil perfectly the tasks I am facing with.
What excited you about martial arts?
I simply love Thai boxing, its movements, this is a life style.
Why exactly did you choose Muay Thai?
I started this sport with my father, who taught me from the basics.
In your opinion, what’s the secret of success in martial arts?
The keys to success are the perfect stamina, the consistent work, the regular technical drills and the minimum 3 hours training per day. Persistence! Day in and day out, through the years pain becomes something like eating and drinking.

Your career so far houses many achievements. Which one are you most proud of?
I am proud of all my results, but specially my World Champion Title. At the beginning when I was 15 years old, I managed to stay on my feet against my 30 year old opponent, whom I lost out with 3 points only and won silver medal at the Muay Thai European Cup. But one of my biggest successes was when I won the WFMC World Champion Title in K1 PRO at the age of 18, against a German, multiple World Champion.


Describe yourself in three words ?
I am natural, modest and persistent in everything
Who is your idol, your inspiration?
It might sound weird but I do not have any idols, only set goals-those motivate me, take me further and I have strong faith.
In your opinion, what characteristics are required to be a successful fighter?
A real fighter has to weigh up his acts, you have to be mentally prepared for the day, and if you have them all, there should be no problem. You have to win!
What is your life motto?
Never give up! Train hard, Win easy!, Train hard or Go home! Shut Up and Train! That’s all.
There’s a summer camp going on at the end of the month, can you tell us more about that?
The training camp has become a tradition now. Initially, my father only started to organize this because of me, so I could train with friends from Ukraine, Slovakia, professional male fighters and prepare for my fights. Under my father’s, Peter Elteto, Muay Thai Master organization, this year we are holding our 3rdInternational Muay Thai and K1 training camp with masters and fighters coming from 12 different countries and help their improvement. It will be superb to work with big names again and prepare together and achieve big at fights. Come and learn the experience and skills of both Hungarian and foreign fighters and their trainers.

If you look back, would you change anything or decide otherwise ?
Yes, if I was to start again, I would choose what I am doing now. Muay Thai is a wonderful art-science and sport, that teaches you how to be humble, persistent and modest I am so glad that I can be part of that big family.-The Art of the Eight Limbs

Do you have a steady job, are you visiting any schools?
I am currently at Uni and for a few more years, then I would like to work as a dentist.

Where and with whom do you train?
I train at the Lion Muay Thai Gym in Tokaj, but only at the weekends, we are improving my technics at private trainings with my Master, who is my father,-to me he is the best, we have achieved all of this together. When I am at the Uni, I train myself ,alone, I do interval runs, do HIIT as they seem to work for me very well and I am sure I would be more than fit when I enter the ring again. Certainly when I get use to certain drills to improve my endurance and skills ,we change and do something new.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years’ time I would like to see myself in a surgery as a dentist, who works a lot, but would always spare time to train, who would actually rush to train. I cannot imagine not doing Muay Thai and practise new techniques.

Hungarian cuisine is unique and tasteful. What do you recommend to anyone who plans on visiting Hungary?
The Hungarian cuisine! ..What else could I say? I would recommend the whole palette to everyone, all the traditional Hungarian dishes, as they all are gastronomic experience and joy from Fish soup to our Lacipecsenye that is a kind of barbecue. I like Hungarian cuisine and I do eat everything but with moderation as they can be heavy and fill you up quick.

What kind of a lady is Daniela in private ?
Like any ordinary and decent woman, I drink coffee with my female friends, do shopping, go to cinema; I like to spend my time with useful things. I am never bored.


What do you do in your free time?
I am very busy at the moment as I have lots of exams to take, however in my private life, I am told I am kind, attentive, which is true, I am like that, specially to those I am close to and I love my friends. I do what I have to do as everybody else, I am pretty normal. But not in the ring, that is something else. There is no mercy and there is nothing else. I have to win. That is why I train my body, my soul, and as a Lion I could win. And I do everything to achieve that. So that is me the Lion. That is where the name of our gym comes from- LION MUAY THAI TEAM HUNGARY-my father was told once that his daughter was like a lion, she fought like one, then he replied that she is one as her start sign is also Leo
What is your favourite food ?
My favourite dish is fish but I like chicken, pork , roasted or grilled, grilled vegetables and chocolate too 
Any message for our readers in Slovenia?
Come and visit our beautiful country as there are plenty to see and enjoy it as Hungary offers a lot more to everyone.

Thank you and all the best in future

Milan Krušič

Daniella in action :

Name: Daniella Éltető
Fightname: The Lion
Nationality: Hungarian
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 60 kg – 64,5 kg
Kickboxing / K-1 / & Muay Thai Records
lost: 2
Muay Thai , K-1 , Shindokai Karate

WFC K-1 ProAm World Champion
WFMC K-1 Pro World Champion
WKU Muay Thai Pro World Champion

Gym: LION Muay Thai Team


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