Daniel Torres : I am focusing to improving my technical skills

Hello Daniel

1-How does the Covid 19 situation affect you and how do you deal with it?
I am currently in Brazil. I came here to prepare for KSW 53. Unfortunately i cant travel home to Austria at the moment.

2-Many have adjusted their training, how did you attune your activities?
I am currently training alone and try to make best of it.


3-What’s you view on the virus, how should we continue?
This virus is serious and the best we can do is stick together and stay at home to prevent even bigger disaster.
4-What is your day in self-isolation like?
My day is not much different than usual. I train, cook and relax between training sessions.


5-What does this hiatus from competition mean to you?
There is another moment and i am focusing to improving my technical skills.

6-Still, it seems that some don’t take the situation seriously enough?
It is a shame that some are not aware of the situation because the more people live more disciplined the faster we will improve the situation.

7-Any message to our readers?
I wish everyone a lot of health and stamina i hope we all stick together and make the most of our time.

Thank you for this conversation and good luck.
Milan Krušič

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