Daniel Cormier :We can’t charge you for tickets.”

“I paid $10,000 to get into the arena with my family to support Khabib. Because the tickets were gone. I waited so late to ask the UFC for tickets, that they were like, ‘It’s all gone, DC.’ So I bought the tickets,”
Then Khabib jumper over the cage to get at Dillon Danis.
“I was trying to go up to talk to him and they kept pushing me. But, he kept telling them:“
“This is my captain, let him through.“
“So when I finally got close enough to him I told him, “Hey, what in the world is going on? What are you doing? You have got to calm down,”
“And he said, Okay captain, give me my belt.
The dude was worked up. I have honestly never seen him act like that.”
For his efforts in calming down the melee, Cormier says the UFC refunded him the money he spent on front row tickets he purchased for his entire family.
“Then Dana calls me back and says, ‘We are giving you your money back because you helped us calm everybody down. We can’t charge you for tickets.”



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