Cyborg : ‘Many women did a lot for the sport’


In an interview with Super Lutas, Cyborg pointed out the dangers of believing in one’s own hype and how damaging that might be to her career. The way she sees it, remaining humble prevents a fighter from getting too comfortable and keeps them from learning more.

“I’ve always heard people say that, but I never gave it much attention. I always think that I need to improve. I’m very hard on myself. In all my training sessions, I try to do my best. I believe that, when you think you’re the best of all-time, you stop learning. So I always kept that out of my mind, because I still want to learn much more.”
“Many women did a lot for the sport. Me, Gina Carano, Amanda Nunes, who has won two belts. I think many women are part of this. Before me, other women were already fighting: Ana Marina India, Carina Damm, Carmem ‘Casca Grossa’. All the girls who are fighting now, they are building it, too. You can’t name one. We are all achieving the same, which is making WMMA grow.”


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