Covington: Dana White Ain’t Got The Balls To Release Me


Speaking to Damon Martin, Covington blasted White and said that there’s no way he’d muster up the courage to release him:

“I would love to go fight somewhere else and keep proving that I’m the best in the world. No matter what, you can’t take away my No. 1 ranking from me. I’m still the No. 1 ranked fighter in the world. I still have the UFC title that I never lost. I’d love to go somewhere else but let’s be honest, Dana White just talks sh*t and lies all the time. He was saying in an interview the other day ‘oh Colby missed out on his chance, he missed the boat, guys that turn down fights doesn’t fly in the UFC, we’ll just cut you.’

“Dana White, you ain’t got balls motherf*cker. You ain’t cutting me cause you know how valuable I am. You said you were gonna cut me after the Demian Maia fight. What happened? I fought for an interim title. Anything they say to the media, it’s all lies. The UFC is just a fake news reporting machine. They ain’t releasing me. They ain’t letting me go cause they know how valuable I am. They know my worth.”

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