Chandler Fires Back At Ferguson


Ferguson recently explained why he wasn’t fighting at UFC 254 as he took issue with Chandler being offered more money than him despite having zero Octagon time.

“Now you’re going to bring in a new dude who I have no f*cking clue who (he) is,” Ferguson told ESPN. “The dude has less than 100k on Twitter and you’re trying to get him more notoriety by throwing him against me and throwing him on the Khabib card. I get that but don’t pay the f*ck more than us. He has zero time in the UFC. I don’t know about roids and all that stuff. I don’t get into that kinda shit with everybody.”

“F*ck you,” Ferguson continued. “Pay me. Instead of this f*cking clown. Chandler, like I said I’ve got nothing against you and Dustin I’ve got nothing against you but I ain’t trying to help nobody anymore.”

And as far as Chandler is concerned, it’s Ferguson’s fault for turning down a fight with him. Interestingly, he also capitalized every word which is what Ferguson usually does on social media.

“You Turned Down The Fight With Me October 24 On The Biggest Card Of The Year…Now You’re Talking?”

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