Can “The Mongoose” Stop “Miller Time” Oct. 12?


If you’re wondering if a mongoose can put a stop to miller time, you’ll find out on Oct. 12, 2018, during “FFC 31 Night of Champions”.

Dennis “The Mongoose” Morris (14-2-1) of Milwaukee, WI, will take on Shawn Miller (18-4-1) of Troy, NY, for the WBU Cruiserweight Championship in boxing.

After losing back-to-back fights for the very first time in his career, Miller responded with three straight victories in less than three months. All of the aforementioned wins took place between June 2, 2018 and August 25, 2018, with the last two victories coming by TKO.

At age 36, Miller is on a mission to prove that no one can slow him down now… Not even father time.

“I want to prove that no matter what age you are, what others think about you, it doesn’t matter”, said Miller. “What matters is your own dream and I will win this fight Oct. 12th and most importantly, show my son that everything we want in life, we can get, with hard work and never giving up.”

The 34-year-old Morris replaces Marquice Weston, who was originally scheduled to fight Miller on September 28th, and he is hoping to ride the momentum he’s gathered since December 20th, 2014. That was the last time, and only the second time in his career, that Morris lost a fight.

Since that time, the man they call “mongoose” racked up eight straight victories until his most recent fight on February 10th against Lamont Capers, which resulted in a MD.

“The fight with Lamont Capers was one of my most difficult fights because I was scheduled to fight another opponent just 24 hours prior to the weigh-in”, said Morris. “Because of that I try not to focus on one opponent and I am optimistic and confident that I will fight my best fight on October 12th.”

Both fighters are confident, as all fighters need to be heading into their fights, but as the old saying goes, game respects game, and Miller and Morris are very respectful heading into their October 12th WBU Cruiserweight Championship bout at Fight Dome Las Vegas.

“I have not had the experience that Mr. Miller appears to have had in the ring nor the number of fights but I will give him my best shot”, said Morris. “I am hoping for the Victory but it will be down to the best fighter which and I will not predict because consider predictions as bad luck!”

“He’s there to win and I’m coming to win and that means it will be a good hard fight”, said Miller. “I respect him and will shake his hand after the fight, I might even buy him a Gatorade after it, but during it, I will do what’s needed to win.”

Morris will fight Miller for the WBU Cruiserweight Title on Oct. 12th, 2018 at the all-new “Fight Dome” located inside the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The event, “FFC 31 Night of Champions” will broadcast live on CBS Sports Network at 10 p.m. (EST), 7 p.m. (PST).

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