Cage Warriors confirms return in September


Cage Warriors are set to return with a bang, with the promotion confirming they will hold a triple-header of events later this summer.

The promotion’s president Graham Boylan announced his plans with a tweet stating his intention to hold three events, back to back, in September, and he confirmed those plans to MMA Junkie as he laid out more concrete information about the UK promotion’s ambitious plans.


“For me, it is a no-brainer for us,” Boylan explained. “We’ve been speaking to arenas and they’ve been telling us they’re not expecting crowds, or arena shows with big crowds, this side of Christmas. So when we’re hearing that from the biggest arenas in the world, telling us these things, we’re trying to pre-empt what we can do to keep the organization running, and to keep the roster busy. For some of the fighters, they’re getting no income right now. They need to compete. They need to earn money.

“With restrictions lifting in the UK and things starting to ease, we’re still three months until these show dates. So by the time these show dates come, things could ease up again. So for now it’s a behind-closed-doors event.

“I don’t think it’s fair on the roster for us to come back and just do one show, because guys have been sitting out the whole time. I want to get and show the Cage Warriors is a fighters’ promotion. It always has been. And we will always do what we can for the fighters. That’s why I said we’re going to do three events, back to back, and get the roster off the shelves. We’re going to do three of them to get the roster moving again.”

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