Brad Katona : It was ‘disappointing’ and ‘ridiculous’ to be cut from UFC


Brad Katona:

“I don’t know what words I can use. Pretty much everything you could think of. I’ve said this before, I remember the day. It was a Tuesday, I just finished a jiu-jitsu practice that didn’t go very well, it was just one of those bad sessions,” Katona told “I go to the change rooms and I get a text from my manager and he found out earlier in the week. He wanted to talk to me when he got back. Unfortunately, they sent an e-mail out and he wanted the first contact to be him not me opening up my e-mail on an innocent Tuesday night. It was disappointing, it was ridiculous.”

“Like what do I do next, like do I try to get back with the UFC? Sign with Bellator? Is it go with Brave, KSW, or fight on the regional scene. What is the best course of action and it was a bit of a shock. If Bellator wants to offer me something, I know I stack up very well in that bantamweight division. If the UFC wants me after this, I fully believe that the guys I fought, I can succeed there as well.”



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