‘Bombardier’ Dia to fight Pudzian in March


The two-time ‘King of the Arena’ is set to take on the former ‘World’s Strongest Man’ in the main event of KSW 59 on March 20th.

Also known as B52, the nearly 6’ 6”, 330 lb Dia made his MMA debut back in 2018 with a first round pummeling of Amadou Konez. He fougth once more in February of last year, defeating Dan Podmore also via first round GnP. Strength & Honor Championship listed his age as 34 back for his debut, but most references have him at 44-years-old.

For 44-year-old Mariusz Pudzianowski (13-7), what once seemed like little more than a vanity project has resulted in more than a decade of mixed martial arts competition. The former ‘World’s Strongest Man’ has taken wins over the likes of Oli Thompson, Sean McCorkle, Rolles Gracie and more comical foes like ‘Butterbean’, Bob Sapp, and ‘Popek Monster’ over his 12 years of consistent competition.

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