Bogdana Golub : I believe I can fly !!!


Hello Bogdana and thanx for your time

• How old were you when you first started training martial arts?
I was 21 when I did my first step on tatami

• What excited you about martial arts?
I was excited about so many boys are training martial arts ?

• Why exactly did you choose BJJ?
In place where I did weights trainings was bjj club. Boys who did bjj there were my gym friends and we trained together a lot.
They said me that I need to try bjj. I answered that I had never seen myself in martial arts)
But one day I decided to change my mind. And visited my first bjj class. It was love from the first

step on tatami.

• How old were you when you first stepped in the ring?
I was 21

• You are an inspiration to many young people only starting out in BJJ. What’s your advice to all young fighters?
Love what U do!
Do what U love!
Don’t stop! U can everything!

• Which is the victory in your career that you treasure the most?
Gold at Worlds 2006 FIG as Junior in pairs in aerobics gymnastics;
Silver at Europeans 2017 IBJJF in Lisbon, I was blue belt;
2 gold at Europeans 2018 & 2019 AJP in Russia and Spain as purple belt;
Silver 2019 at Europeans newaza in Romania;
Gold 2019 at World Cup newaza in Romania

• In your opinion, what’s the secret of success in martial arts?
To my mind combination of:
technics + physical strength + flexibility + spirit
is the secret of success in martial arts.

• Many people think that martial arts are not a sport at all, but just violence. What is your message to those people?
This sport is art. With its own beauty and rules.
If somebody don’t like martial arts and think that it is violence he or she can choose dancing

• Describe yourself in three words ?
Super Girl BO ?

• What your opinion on referee trickeries and manipulations?
It is ugly. Such people can’t work as Judges to my mind. They can’t be professionals inspite of certificates.
When I work as Referee I separate private relations with athletes and Judge work.

• Which competition do you remember best?
When I loose. Couse I do a lot of work on mistakes after.

• What is your life motto?
I believe I can fly

• What are your goals and wishes?
Worlds & Europeans championships, Superfights, Ukrainian women bjj team, Referee work, developing and representing Ukraine in bjj – it’s about sport goals
Family, children, adventures, traveling, learn new languages – my life wishes

• How do you recharge your batteries?
I love to motivate and inspire people. It’s my drug. Also it is my own kind of realization.
I recharge my batteries while spending time with family and mine lovely people.

• What’s your opinion on the use of prohibited substances in sports?
If federation allows so why not.
If sportsman want to use special substance he or she can.
As for me I don’t want to use any substances before my first pregnancy.
But a lot of people think that I have been using prohibited things for many years ?

• If you look back, would you change anything or decide otherwise?
I try not to think about it.
I love life that I have. I try to enjoy every moment.
Life consists of white and black stripes.
Experience is the best teacher.

• How is going the recovery of achilles tendon ?
From day to day better. But need more time.
In June is 6 months after surgery.
From the beginning of summer I came back to bjj trainings.
From the middle of summer I added physical trainings.
From the beginning of spring I did many rehabilitation lessons and will continue till the end of summer.

• Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 2 years I will be 30.
And I have thoughts that everything can changes after this age. For example I can stop to be a Coach and start IT career. Because I have Master’s Degree in Math and I know that I can learn everything.
But I have great plans for this 2 years in sport especially.
In 10 years I will have big family with husband and children, dog and cat.
I want my own house near sea and mountains.
I want to continue learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and help to develop this sport in Ukraine.
I want to show women that martial arts are not only for men ?

• What kind of a girl is Bogdana in private?
Princess Warrior ?
As for me I am not classical girl.
I am very active and crazy 😉

• What is your favourite food ?
Fruits and meat)

• Perhaps a message for our readers in Slovenia?
Thanks for attention!
Hope that my answers will inspire someone to start trainings or continue after big break.
If U need motivation U can visit my inst: @bogdanagolub or mail me: [email protected]

Thank you for answers and all the best in future !!

Milan Krušič

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