BKFC president David Feldman praises Paige VanZant


BKFC President: Paige VanZant ‘was worth everything that we gave her’

Apparently, so is BKFC President David Feldman. Speaking to MMA Fighting in a recent interview, he showed no regrets in his decision to signs PVZ in a lucrative deal.

“Some people looked at me crazy ‘you’re paying her too much, you’re doing this, you’re doing that,’” Feldman said. “I said look I don’t know everything but I know what I’m doing on this stuff and she delivered. She delivered on every aspect that we needed her to deliver on.

“She was worth everything that we gave her and it’s a great partnership. She did everything we wanted her to do and we did everything she wanted us to do. We definitely have a win-win relationship.




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