Ben Askren : Sean O’Malley ‘needs to grow up’


An apparent left foot injury suffered during the fight led to O’Malley leaving the octagon on a stretcher. And the way Ben Askren sees it, that was a show of weakness from the 25-year-old prospect.

“He wanted to just be out of there for whatever reason,” Askren said Monday while stepping in to co-host ESPN’s “DC & Helwani.”
“It’s a fist fight! Deal with that sh*t!” Askren yelled. “Deal with it! It’s a fist fight!”

Askren calmed down and continued.

“I’m saying he shouldn’t have done that. It’s a fist fight,” he said. “Yes, (O’Malley) was in pain obviously. Listen, if you don’t have the expectation that you’re gonna be in pain when you get into a fist fight, you’ve got some bad expectations.”

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