Askren calls out  Jake Paul 


Askren :

“I’m retired, coaching wrestling, doing some podcasts, buying some bitcoin, enjoying life,” Askren said. “I don’t really want to fight anybody. So November, this jabroni Jake Paul calls me out, puts up a poster with my name, haha. It’s kinda funny, whatever, no big deal. Well then, a couple weeks later, I get a couple of texts. Then a week after that I get some calls. Then I get an offer. OK, this guy really wants to fight. “Am I opposed to making some easy money beating up a YouTuber? Of course I’m not. So what do I do? Sure, Jacob, I’ll fight you. No problem. I accept publicly on Twitter nonetheless. Since then, Jacob’s went silent. Jacob’s kind of a coward. Sorry guys, don’t think (the fight is gonna happen). Paul did reference Askren in a spoof video that he posted last week, in which he also targeted Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, Dillon Danis, Michael Bisping, and even UFC president Dana White.

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