Ariane Lipski : ‘You wanted violence, right? There you go’


In an interview with Combate, Lipski confessed it took her a while to find her rhythm in the UFC after losing her first couple of bouts and not having an impressive win against Isabela de Padua. However, Ariane now grows more confident with each training camp and believes she is well on her way to become a better fighter everytime she steps into the Octagon.

“You wanted violence, right? There you go,” she said. “I’m finding myself. I’ve been understanding my gameplan better and what I have to do to maintain my strategy in the fight, no matter who my opponent is. That doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of training. I need to know myself and understand. I think we’ve been able to do this pretty well, taking it slow. Things are happening at the right time.”

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