Amir Dadovič:My goals are to be the best fighter I can be !!!

Hello Amir when did you start with martial arts ?
I started with martial arts at the age of 5. It was Karate that I started with

You train with ATT Gwinnett in USA, tell us more about the ATT Gwinnett ?
The gym was started 4 years ago by me and two of my best friends. Now ATT Gwinnett is a very unique, fast growing facility with lots of talent and world class professional and amateur fighters. I am the head Muay Thai coach there, alongside me are Douglas & Dhiego Lima and Chad Shafer in charge of the MMA program and Professor Maajid Al-Kush leading the BJJ program.

Your next fight is when and where ?
My next fight will be in USA in the city of Atlanta on October 16th 2015 for Legacy FC.

Which is the victory in your career that you treasure the most?
All the victories are important, but I would say one that I treasure a lot, is when I got to prepare with my brother Adis Dadovic for my fight agains a tough Mike Corvino in the NFC.

What is your life motto?
My life motto is to treat others as how I want to be treated…respect is very important to me, I show it to people and they in turn respect me back.

What are your goals and wishes?
My goals are to be the best fighter I can be, I really want to fight the best in the world so I can measure myself and my skills. But my wish would be to do all that alongside my brother Adis.

Which fight you remember best?
I remember them all very well

Your favorite food is?
I think it is a split decision between Ćevapi and Pizza. And then anything my wife cooks up is delicious.

Describe yourself in three words?
That’s hard to do…I leave that to others

If you look back on your career, would you change anything or decide otherwise?
I wish I started BJJ and wrestling sooner in my career, but there was no opportunities for that when I was growing up until I can to America. Other than that no.

What do you do in your spare time, if there is any?
In my spare time I like to go to the race track and race my BMW M3.

What’s your opinion on the use of prohibited substances in sports?
It’s a shame it happens and it gives a bad name to the sport.

You are from Bosnia and now you live in USA do you get homesick ?
Yes. My home is here in the USA now and I am very happy, but I miss my family and Bosnia very much, so I try to go visit as often as I can.
What is going on in your head when walking to the ring – are you focused on the fight, is there
nervousness and andrenalin?
The only nervousness is the worry of not performing or being able to show all the hard work that was put in during preparations leading up to the fight. Nobody ever gets to see the hard training except the ones in the gym with me every day. The adrenaline kicks in during the fight for sure, but it’s a good thing it keeps me focused

Where do you see yourself in 10 years ?
Hopefully just happy doing what I love and surrounded by my family and good friends.

Your message to fans and friends?
Big thanks to everyone who’s always supporting me and the ones following my career. I truly appreciate everyone and I will continue to make you guys proud.
Special thanks have to go out to my wife Brittany and son Adem for motivating me always to be better, as well as my brother Adis who’s taught me so much and always advises me for the best. And my adopted brother Bevon Lewis who has my back and helps me prepare for every fight and is always by my side.

Thank you and all the best in your career

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