Amanda Ribas: I don’t want to be just a fighter on a Conor McGregor card’

Amanda Ribas:

“This is the card with McGregor and Dustin so we need to do a very big fight because I don’t want to just be one fighter on a McGregor card. I want people to say, ‘Did you see that fight Amanda had against Marina? It was a big fight.’ I want people talking about my fight. Not just, ‘Oh, they fought on a McGregor card.’ I want [to steal the show].”
I hope I can win this fight and I’m asking God to give me his blessing because I’m training so hard,” Ribas stated. “I hope it can be a TKO, or a submission. It doesn’t matter which way. I want to win the fight, eat my chocolate, and watch [McGregor vs. Poirier].”


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