Ali Abdelaziz : ‘Jon knows my number’

Ali Abdelaziz :

“I think Jon has been representing himself for the last three years anyway,” Abdelaziz told MMA Junkie on Tuesday. “I don’t know why this news is late. Anyway, it’s none of my business who Jon is managed (by), not managed (by). I got tagged so many times on Instagram and Twitter – I’m flattered, I’m honored. I wish nothing but the best for Jon Jones. I think Jon is a good guy – misunderstood a lot. And I hope – Dana White is not this hard to work with. I’m telling you. I’ve known this man for 16 years, but you can’t, somebody with Jon Jones’ caliber and his mystique, one of the greatest ever, he should not have to argue over Twitter about what he deserves or not deserve. You don’t talk business online.”




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