Alexander Gustafsson : ‘I will be the king of the world’

Alexander Gustafsson :
“He’s a really talented fighter. He’s a very smart fighter,” Gustafsson said. “Whatever Jon does, in that Octagon he has a strategy and he’s a very smart fighter with a good eye, so you can’t relax. You can’t relax with this guy. You can’t even give him an inch. You have be on your toes the whole fight, you have to be ready the whole fight. So, that’s how I see Jon now. Jon has just been so impressive, that’s why he never lost. So, he is just that guy. He’s been beating everybody, so we all know how he is and how he’s been.
“I have, and all I can say is words can’t describe that feeling,” Gustafsson said. “And I don’t even know how it will feel — I just know I will just be the king of the world. That’s it. I will be the king of the world. Nothing more, nothing less, and we’ll take it from there.”

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