Alex Poppeck : If you don´t know me yet, and you gonna watch FFC, after the event you will know me for sure. I promise you that!

Tokrat sem za vas opravil razgovor z mladim borcem, ki prihaja z Minhna in bo nastopil na FFC 30 Linz.
Za vas Alex Poppeck.

Hello Alex and thank you very much for your time.

Hi, and thanks for doing this interview with me.

How old were you when you first started training martial arts?
I started when I was 18 years old.


What excited you about martial arts?
It´s a very honest sport. You have to be disciplined and dedicated to get further.

Why exactly did you choose MMA?
I started with Thaiboxing, then I tried out BJJ. Then it eventually led to MMA.

How old were you when you first stepped in the ring?
This had to be in 2010, for my first Shooto amateur fight, so I was 18 years old.

You come from Munich, what can you tell us about the MMA scene there?
Man, to be honest, we don’t have the best conditions here, like for example in the US and Asia etc. where everything is all under one roof.
That´s why I try to travel as much as possible, to train with high level coaches and fighters.
You have to be very organized and disciplined, to get the most out of your training in our city. For me this means training in multiple gyms, with different coaches and athletes.
But the scene is growing, more and more good guys are coming up. I think if all of Munich´s fighters would work together on a regular / daily basis then we could definitely make an impact on the European market or even worldwide.

Which is the victory in your career that treasure the most?
I would say this is my last fight. Winning with a dominant performance against a tough opponent with a good record and also becoming AFSO International Champion in my weight division.


You have an impressive score. Do you look for a particular rematch?
I have one loss in my record. This was to Rob Wilkinson from Australia, who is now fighting in the UFC. Obviously this is a fight, which could happen in the future again (in the UFC). If so I will beat him this time, I know that!

In your opinion, what´s the secret of success in martial arts?
Just one thing! That is Hard Work!

This is the first time you will perform in FFC. What are your feelings about that?
I am very happy to perform in this event. It is a well-known, world-wide organization, and I believe that this fight can open a lot of opportunities for me in the future.

Many people think that martial arts are not a sport at all, but just violence. What is your message to those people?
This is combat sports, so it can be violent for sure. I think you have to have a violent attitude before stepping in the ring/cage. But outside of it, training etc. it’s completely different.
My message to all those people is, come and train, before making statements. They will experience and develop fun, gaining athleticism, discipline, health, self-defense and a positive spirit.


The Serb Todorovic, a young rising star, awaits for you in Linz. Are you prepared?
I am prepared 100%.


Describe yourself in three words?
Driven. Honest. Humble
Which fight do you remember best?
Hard to tell.

What is your life motto?
Always strive to get better (in every aspect of life)

In which club are you training and who with?
I train in many different gyms.
My main club is Impact Fight Academy in Munich, where I work mostly on my striking with headcoachMiodragMarkotic. This is also where we have our stand up sparring sessions with pro boxers etc.
My main trainingpartner all-over is Filip Bradaric. He is a very good wrestler, with heavy top game/control. As he is a strong heavyweight, I gain a lot of strength training with him, and so I can throw around lighter guys more easily 
Then there is Munich MMA, there I work mostly on my grappling. Also there are many good guys to spar with.
MFC Munich Fight Club, is a great facility, probably one of the best in Munich, where I teach classes in MMA, Thaiboxing and Boxing and also we have some fightteam sessions there.
And I make regular trips to SBG in Ireland, and Phuket Top Team in Thailand.


What are your goals and wishes?
As a fighter it is 100% to get to the UFC.
As a coach / martial artist it is to eventually open a gym in the future.

Do you have some more fights in future?
First there is FFC. After that we will see.

How do you recharge your batteries?
Good nutrition and sleep is key. Also I like to go out in nature a lot, and take a massage here and there.

What´s your opinion on the use of prohibited substances in sports?
It’s a difficult topic. I think everybody should be clean, so it would be fair. Unfortunately athletes get pushed by media, fans and society to look bigger, run faster, hit harder etc.
USADA is a good agency. All events should work with them, so we can keep the sport more clean.

If you look back, would you change anything or decide otherwise?
Yes, I should have changed my team / training partners and training routine much earlier. But now it´s good as it is.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years I will still fight or maybe be retired, working as a coach and having a family.

What kind of a man is Alex in private?
I am a goal oriented, serious, but also funny guy. I value life, and try to make the most out of it. I am surrounded by very good friends, a beautiful girlfriend and good family, so I am happy about that.

What do you do in your free time?
I like to go for walks in nature. I summer we go swimming with the boys. I read a lot and of course I like to go eating out in good restaurants.
What is your favorite food?
There is no particular one.

Who is helping you the most on your path as a fighter?
Definitely my best friend and trainingpartner Filip Bradaric. He is a mentor for me, not only in the gym, but for life in general.


Perhaps a message for our readers in Slovenia?
If you don´t know me yet, and you gonna watch FFC, after the event you will know me for sure. I promise you that!

I want to thank my teammates, coaches, friends and sponsors, especially Herbert Gainer and Bretzstore München to make this connection to you (Milan) and Fight-Madness.

Thank you very much for your support, have a great day and kick ass!

Thank you and all the best in future !

Milan Krušič


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