Alex Oliveira injured by grenade in Brazil


The news comes via MMAFighting, who confirmed that “Cowboy” went to buy gasoline for his mother’s car on Christmas Eve, when he saw members of his family involved in an altercation.

Moments after Alex Oliveira pulled over and stopped his vehicle, a grenade was thrown in his direction which resulted in the UFC fighter suffering injuries to his foot and leg.

Alex Oliveira recently spoke to TV Rio Sul about the terrible incident.

“One guy came up and pointed a gun at my nephew’s face, and that’s when people started pushing each other,” Oliveira told the website. “They had machetes, knives, a grenade. They threw a grenade in my direction. Fragments flew to my leg and my foot.”

Alex Oliveira was taken to a local hospital where he underwent a small surgery on his leg to remove the grenade fragments.

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