Alex Hernandez : ‘I’m going to break him like everyone else’

Speaking with MMANews, Hernandez divulged that he plans to seize the opportunity when the pair square off at UFC on ESPN+1 on Jan. 19.

“I’m going to break him like everyone else. I have the style, I have the game and it doesn’t really change. I’m becoming more in tune with my own personal cadence. It’s always about looking inwards and delivering outward. For me I always see myself breaking my opponents and knocking them unconscious. Now, especially after that Olivier Aubin-Mercier fight, a lot of awareness was brought to the table, a lot of humility as well. Approaching this fight I intend to finish Cerrone, in my most honest opinion I intent to finish him in the first round. If it goes to the second, great, if it goes to the third fine he’ll be a broken man by that third round. But I’m preparing for the longest war of my life with the mindset I can put him away quickly. I know wholeheartedly I can.”

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