Aldo distances himself from future rematch with Conor McGregor

Responding to recent calls for a future re-run during a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Aldo insisted a rematch with McGregor would “never” take place.

“That’s what I don’t understand, brother,” Aldo said. “Back when it (rematch) should have happened like they are going (to make) rematches and trilogies, I didn’t have the opportunity, no one considered anything, and each one went their way. Now that the situation has inverted again, it feels like they have the obligation to book it.“

“No, I don’t see myself fighting Conor (McGregor),” Aldo explained. “Never, I think. I can even say that. It might happen tomorrow, but that’s not the path. I root for him today, I hope he recovers from the injury and fights again at the highest level, and becomes champion again because that way he and I will always be together. No matter if I’m down and he’s up or the other way around, people will always put our names together, and that way we carry each other up.“
“No, man, there’s no way,” Aldo said. “I’m going after a fight for the belt, I want to build this career at bantamweight and make history this way. I’m happy that (Chael) Sonnen and others are talking about this rematch, but I don’t see myself (fighting McGregor again). I see my next fight being at bantamweight, and that way we’ll be close to fighting for the belt.“

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