Aldo confirms he’ll retire from MMA in 2019

Jose Aldo says he storied career will come to an end at the conclusion of the year.
Coach: Aldo Wants Out Of His UFC Contract As Soon As Possible

“Exactly,” Aldo said. “With the small black gloves, yes. This will be the last year,” he said during a recent media scrum in Brazil via MMA Junkie. Confirming he only has three fights remaining on his current deal, “Junior” says leaving with his full health intact has always been the goal.

And if he has any say in the matter, his final fights will take place in Brazil.

“I want to close out my career in Brazil,” Aldo said. “That’s what we planned with ‘Dede.’ I intend to fight in, May, too, and then close it out in the second semester, because I know there will be another event in Brazil. And (the UFC) already knows that.”

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