Agapova accused of drug use and stalking


UFC flyweight Mariya Agapova was the subject of a lengthy list of claims made by fellow flyweight Maryna Moroz during an interview with MMA Vestnik. In that interview Moroz accused Agapova of drug use and a series of confrontations with people at American Top Team. Moroz claimed these incidents lead to Agapova being booted from the gym.
Agapova’s manager Alex Davis sent a statement to MMA Fighting refuting Moroz’s claims.

“Mariya went through some difficult moments,” read the statement. “She was all alone [in the United States], but now she’s been through therapy, she’s much better and she’s already training for a fight. It had nothing to do with drugs. Absolutely nothing.

“This is Mariya’s private life that we’re not going to make an issue to make her private life public. She came to the states from Kazakhstan, she went through some difficult moments, she had some crises, she got therapy, she’s doing very, very well now. She’s already training for a fight. There’s no drugs. It has nothing to do with it.”

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