Ádám Borics : I will do everything to win !!

Hello Adam, For starters, could you introduce yourself to our readers? When did you start with martial arts?

Greetings to all readers! My name is Ádám Borics, I’m a 22 years old professional MMA fighter. I live in Eger, Hungary, sharing a flat with my girlfriend. I first started training martial arts in 2010. I tried muay thai and kempo, and after only 3 months I started visiting Eger Shootfighters’ MMA classes.

You have an impressive score in FFC 3 victoryes in a row did you expect that ?

Yeah, I had really good success with my first 3 FFC fights. At my promotional debut I received the call only 2 days before the event. I always go for the win, only the W is on my mind and nothing else.


You came from Hungary can you tell us little more about Hungarian MMA scene ?

Unfortunately MMA is not yet mainstream in Hungary. There are only a few really good fighters around. But there is a close-knit community that tries to stick together and we help each other out with sparring.

Now you are confirmed for a title match in FFC did you expect that ?

I didn’t expect that I will fight for the title so early this year, but my goal was to get that belt by the end of 2016. This opportunity is a huge honor for me and I will do everything to win.

Your opponent is Ahmed Vila what is your game plan for him ?

Ahmed Vila is a great fighter and seems like a nice guy. My strategy is to win. 🙂


What are your goals and wishes?

My goals and dreams are the same. From when I first started this sport at the age of 16 my goal was always to be the best. Of course I, too, want to fight in the UFC. This is the first thing that comes to my mind every morning and the last one I think about before falling asleep every night.

What is your life motto?

Train hard, fight easy. 🙂

Which is the victory in your career that you treasure the most?

I haven’t got a favorite victory. My last one in Vienna was extra memorable though, because there were lots of Hungarians at the event cheering, and I fought alongside fellow countrymen.


Which fight do you remember best?

For me, the fight I remember the best was my first FFC fight, against Marko Burusic. That was when I realized how very professional is the organizing behind the event and I really enjoyed it all.

Your last victory is in FFC 23 in Vienna your feelings after a hard fight and victory?

I was super happy after the Vienna match. I fought well and enjoyed every second of it. The crowd was also fantastic, I was glad my friends came, too, they gave me a lot of strength.

What is your favourite food?

My favorite is my mom’s American pancakes. She awaits me with them after each fight. 🙂 But I also love my girlfriend’s cooking. 🙂

What’s your opinion on the use of prohibited substances in sports?

I have never used any PEDs. I think it’s cheating and whoever uses them, they will get a physical advantage of some sort. I stand for naturalness and I only try to enhance my performance through a healthy lifestyle.

What goes up in your mind when walking into the ring – are you focused on the fight, what is the

level of nervousness and adrenalin?

When I’m walking out to the ring I get a tremendous adrenaline rush. During the warm up I’m still a bit tense, but as soon as the wakout-time comes I’m starting to enjoy it, and realize that this is the thing I love the most in the world, and I only need to go with the flow.


Your message to fans and friends?

Thank you everyone for the cheers, if you can, watch FFC 25, because I will give my all, that’s for sure. I want to thank Totaldamage.hu, TDMG and Shield Security for the support, and last but not least my family, my girlfriend, my team and my friends.

Thank you !

Milan Krušič


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