Demian Maia Hoping For One Last UFC Fight

Demian Maia Hoping For One Last UFC Fight

“I think that was his last fight,” White said. “It was the last fight on his deal. He’s [43 years old]. He’s been so good at getting in there, securing the takedown, getting on top of people and just strangling them or grabbing something and twisting it until you quit, and he couldn’t get it done tonight.”

However, Maia is still hoping for one more fight in the UFC.

“I’ve fought my entire life in the UFC. That’s my home,” Maia said (via MMA Fighting). “I want to do one last fight there, and I think it depends on what happens in Brazil. That’s a feeling my manager and I have. If they are having shows with fans here soon, I think that will draw interest from the UFC to have me fighting.

“I’m waiting and seeing what happens, but I do want to fight one last fight. I’m still training twice a day.”

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